Saturday, May 3, 2014

How To Cure Cancer

prima share,Cancer treatment has always been a scary sentence for any person who heard , as well as for those who are forced to live .

Like the war , the treatment of cancer is the armor that you can rely on to win the fight against cancer . Of course , a good weapon to be effective for use in defense ( protect themselves ) and to attack .

Yes , cancer treatment you want to live , you have to carry on this goal : to eradicate the cancer , without compromising the quality of your life , and without making you experience serious side effects that will endanger your life . Let's look at the latest developments around the world of cancer treatment , both conventional and alternative .

Conventional Cancer Treatment

If you are convicted of getting cancer , do not be afraid , following some of the best cancer treatment options available today , both medical and alternative . In fact , the cancer can be cured with proper treatment and care .

It is undeniable , the sophistication of the technology that is currently pervasive in almost all areas , including in the health sector , many bring fresh air to all cancer fighters .

If the first method of cancer treatment revolved around surgery , chemotherapy , and radiation , which are known tiring and painful , now , various techniques are more acceptable cancer treatments continue to be developed , even though these methods is the development of techniques such third orthodox method .

Each of these treatment methods are designed and tailored to the type of cancer , the rate of spread of the cancer , and the cancer patient's body condition .

The point, to minimize side effects of treatment and unnecessary pain , and maximize treatment target - destroying cancer cells in the body selectively without damaging the cells / tissues are normal . This is what is known as a minimally invasive method .

Some therapies , can be given alone to patients with cancer . However , most cancer therapies are provided , given the various combinations .

Here are some of the current conventional cancer treatment methods , which although not all are available in Indonesia , but you should know the information of interest .

Intercurrent arterial embolization / blockage of blood vessels
Intercurrent arterial embolization treatment of cancer performed by clogging the blood vessels that nourish cancer cells , to make it ' starve to death ' .
Treatment of cancer with photodynamic
Photodynamic therapy is done by inserting a photosensitizer ( a drug that is active by exposure to light ) into the body , which is then followed by laser irradiation to activate the drug in the body to destroy cancer cells .
Planting the seed particles 125I/Radiopartikel
125I particles , with one-third the size of a grain of rice , will be planted around the tumor tissue with the aid of a scanner . After planting , it will continue to produce particles of radiation to destroy cancer cells targeted over a period of 6 months , with a very strong radiation effect in the first 2 months .
Cyrosurgery ablation / coagulation therapy
Cyrosurgery / Cyroablasi done to destroy cancer cells by using the extreme temperature changes in order to destroy cancer cells .
Radiofrequency ablation therapy
The mechanism is performed by inserting a needle in the target - cell tumor / cancer - with the help of a scan tool . Once the needle is inserted in the tumor cells / cancer , the front of the needle to 10 needle will open again ( like the umbrella framework ) , which will provide a high -frequency electric current to burn the cancer to death .
We should be grateful that the cancer treatment methods that are currently being developed , many contribute to increasing the quality and life expectancy of cancer patients .

However , notice that the level of effectiveness of almost all the above methods of cancer treatment , many also rely on the skills of doctors , in addition to technological factors .

Although cancer treatment technology has not been widely applied , including in Indonesia , at least, this information can be a source of new hope for cancer fighters , that there is a lot of research is being done at this time , to help the world fight against cancer .

Alternative Cancer Treatment

" Many roads lead to Rome " . Who does not know this proverb ? Yes , there are many ways that you can take to achieve a goal , including in the fight against cancer .

Alternative cancer treatment pathways , especially by making use of anticancer herbs , is now crowded discussed . Besides being affordable , real experiences about the cure of cancer much publicized over the last few years in various print and electronic media , including the story of cancer cured with herbal achieved from Papua , ants nest .

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