Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How To Prevent Heart Disease

How To Prevent Heart Disease,Rheumatic heart cause is the lack of a clean lifestyle which makes hemoliticus streptococcus germs attack the heart valves .
Hypertensive cardiac cause was complications that caused high blood pressure so that the heart exhaustion and high blood swelling also interfere with the coronary arteries in the heart that needs penangananya through surgery .
The heart is the central organ that controls all kinds of nerves through the blood , how the heart is pumping blood through a network of blood vessels throughout the body .
Treating heart disease naturally need to know what causes heart disease can bring so we can avoid or prevent disease before it lodged in our bodies as for one cause is poor diet without regard to excessive nutrient intake is needed by the body , smoking, lack of exercise and stress .

  • Some tips to treat heart disease naturally

Naturally treat heart disease can begin with the arrival of the prevention of heart disease such as :

  1. Roads 30 minutes every day can reduce the risk of heart disease 30 % , blood pressure did recognize that achieving 115/75 , regular exercise , reduce fat in the stomach because it will cover the vital organs when blood pressure decreases abdominal fat is needed to decrease drastically .
  2. Eating nuts 250 g each day will increase the levels of good cholesterol and can reduce inflammation , nuts can be heart healthy because it has omega 3 fatty acids , high in protein and fiber .
  3. Tomato Sauce , try to eat 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce a week , tomato sauce filled with potassium which can lower blood pressure healthy choose plain sauce .
  4. Strowbery , strobery fruit contains anti- inflammatory that can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer to vascular repair .
  • Treating heart disease naturally can use the following ingredients :
a . Breadfruit
The breadfruit leaves contain flavonoids and sitosterol are efficacious for heart and blood vessel who are able to lower cholesterol and is able to inhibit the accumulation in the vascular wall of the aorta , how to take 1 breadfruit leaves new parents picking from the tree and boiled with 5 cups of water until the water is reduced living half and then added another with 5 cups of water boiled again by half then strain and drink the water for a day to do this until a week .

b . Turmeric
Turmeric is efficacious in dissolving blood cholesterol that clogs blood vessels , how to grate 4 knuckle turmeric turmeric grated and brewed earlier with ½ cup hot water for 15 minutes then strain and drink the juice can be added with sugar or honey to taste .

c . Avocado
This fruit could slow down the absorption of carotenoids , especially beta-carotene and lycopene are very good for heart health because it can lower LDL or bad cholesterol while continuing to work to raise levels of HDL in the body .

d . Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes contain substances phytonutrients that can accelerate the body's cells are damaged and blood circulation , pressing the blood sugar to remain normal and effectively keep heart disease .
How To Prevent Heart Disease .